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REK Global Opportunities and Visa Consultancy Inc. is a Cebu based company specializing in finding the best visa option in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We provide assessment to optimize your career options and lead you to the foremost pathway to success.

our services

What can we do for you

We facilitate in processing J-1 Visa , Student Visa , Tourist Visa, Business Visa, and Fiancé Visa.

Planning your future

We offer assistance on processing your chosen visa application. We assign a coordinator to provide you the maximum guidance all throughout the application process.

Maximize your options

We do not limit your options to a single visa application process. In cases where you are deemed fit to several opportunities, we make sure to provide you with all the information you need to weigh in your options

Improve  your potential

We conduct orientations for the people to gain knowledge on different ways to improve their potentials.

Assess your Credentials

We provide free assessment for those who are undecided or no prior knowledge on what visa application to go through. We thoroughly explain the process and qualifications of each visa applications and provide recommendations on which program you are most suitable to join.

why us

What makes us different


Our only goal is to be the steward of your success. We focus on providing services that will be the springboard of your future triumph. We do not cease to assist and guide you on the process even after you have already step foot on your chosen country to fly to.

Client Transparency

Our client’s needs are our utmost priority. We do not leave our clients juggling with unanswered questions. We communicate with transparency and give necessary details and information needed by the client. Your questions and inquiries are responded the moment we receive them on our end.

Ongoing Collaboration

We do not settle on limited options for you. Through the years, we made efforts to continually expand our horizon and seek for third-party partners needed for a specific program. We keep on making ways to connect with schools and companies to provide you limitless options.


Our work in numbers

Take a glimpse of our statistics all throughout our years of operation.

Years of Exerience
Successful Clients

What our clients are saying

From the bottom of my heart, thank you miss Krizzia and specially miss Alhen for all the hard work you put in for me over these past few months. You made my application process a breeze, and I couldn’t have done it without your expertise and guidance.

Janine Marie

Fanshawe College Student

Thank you so much REK for helping me achieved my canadian dreams. Especially to miss Krizia, miss Alhen and to miss Joy for assessing me from the start until the last part of the process. REK is highly recommended.


Centennial College Student

Thanks REK specially to Ms Krizia and Ms Alhen. You never got tired of answering my questions even you guys are out of office already. Congratulations ?

Rhea Joyce

Centennial College Student

I am truly grateful to Ms. Krizia for they were very accommodating and ready to answer all my concerns during my application! I was approved for my student visa because they are always there to help me every step of the way and didn’t left me hanging! Thank you once again REK! And to those who are planning to apply, choose REK!


Fanshawe College Student

Thank you REK for helping me achieve my dreams! Would definitely recommend this agency to anybody who is planning to apply abroad. Very hands on even tho we just did everything online! Thank you & Godbless REK!!! ❤️??

Louise Anthony

Centennial College Student

Got my Canadian Student Visa approved all thanks to this Agency in just a matter of 4 months. Miss Krizia that has been very helpful and accommodating since day 1.

Kudos team REK ?? ?

Ariadney Danae

Toronto School of Management Student

This agency is the best!!very accommodating, i am very thankful that i chose this agency. What are you waiting for, book now!!

Francel Joy

Fanshawe College Student

From the start until the very last part of the process, Miss Krizia and the rest of REK are very hands on to assist you in achieving your dreams abroad. Thank God I choose this agency! Thank you so much, REK! ❤ God bless youuu


Fanshawe College Student


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